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Sole guardian - tasked with protecting and guarding

Zentnl - Safety as a Service

In most companies and organizations, environmental and sustainability issues are integrated into daily work. An important part of sustainability work is caring for people and that's where Zentnl comes into play.

Zentnl's main task is to contribute to increased safety and reduced risk of injury, in the short and long term, by delivering improvement-driven facts to individuals, occupational health and safety management and occupational healthcare services.

Zentnl takes safety and risk mitigation to the next level

Zentnl is the service that assists in making the right decisions. Clothing with sensors gathers facts about the individual's interaction with their working environment and with the help of AI, artificial intelligence, the information is interpreted to create the decision support needed to increase safety and minimize the risk of injury.

Some events occur here and now, abnormal events that can cause suffering and, at worst, loss of life. Other events create wear on the body over time and can eventually be costly for both individuals and companies.

Zentnl raises awareness of safety and health

If an individual is subjected to unnatural accelerations or falls, management should be informed immediately in order to be able to take appropriate action and to mitigate future risks in the working environment.

Zentnl also builds knowledge over time about the working conditions in each individual's work environment which provides an opportunity to reduce repetitive strain injuries. Furthermore Zentnl increases knowledge of the individual who uses the service by giving the individual an opportunity to give feedback on a daily basis so that company health care, if necessary, can take measures early before overuse injuries occur.

Zentnl can be adapted to all work environments

Different workplaces have different conditions depending on how their activities are performed. Whether Zentnl is used at sea, in a mine or in heavy industry, Zentnl's intelligence can be trained for the very movement patterns associated with the environment in which they are performed.

The more people who use Zentnl garments and the longer they are used, the more reliable information Zentnl can present.

Enhances safety culture

• Increases the individual's the knowledge and awareness
• Motivates the individual to avoid risky behavior
• Offers a unique tool for training and trains the individual to move correctly

Information is organized for different roles within the organization


Guidance in exceeding limits and load doses

Logs movement profile per day, week and month to make visible any individual behaviours

Benefits for the wearer of the Zentnl garment

• Raise awareness
• Increased security in the case of loneworking
• Faster help in case of incidents
• Simplifies responsibility for one's own occupational health
• Support for physiotherapist

Team management

Positioning and quick information about the location of an employee

Alert in case of a potentially dangerous event, such as an acceleration following a fall and then a stationary lying position

Benefits for production and work management

• Ability to act faster in case of incidents
• Fewer false alarms
• Understanding of potentially hazardous environments

OSH management

Non-personalized statistics on all employees' motion profiles and visualisation of hazardous operations, such as upper body closures and rotations in relation to limit values.

Benefits for occupational health and safety managers, ergonomists and company healthcare services

• Ability to identify and validate risk behaviours and problems in the working environment
• Decision basis to improve operations, tools and machines
• Support for training and rehabilitating employees

Zentnl is adaptable for different types of environments and people