• Device

    Zentnl Torso, Zentnl Wrist
  • Functions

    Ergonomic Studies
  • Features

    Mandown, shockdetection
  • Sensors

    2-5 or configurable.
  • Central Unit

    Wifi, Roaming, 5G, BT4
  • Battery


Zentnl Navigator – an intelligent service that can be adapted to any needs

  • Creates a composite basis for how the working environment affects people
  • Customizable analysis of harmful patterns using AI and ML
  • Strengthens “Personal Protection Equipment”
  • Creates long-term conditions to reduce physical wear and tear on employees
  • Improves management’s overview
  • Supervises throughout workshifts
  • Minimizes the occurrence of false alarms


Overview of Zentnl Navigator

  • During the shift, the sensor-equipped undershirt measures movements, accelerations and shocks in levels.
  • The measurement data is recorded by zentnl cloud service.
  • In the event of a fall, an unnatural acceleration or sudden illness that leads to the individual becoming immobile, the supervisor is alerted immediately.
  • Learned movement patterns are interpreted.
  • Specific movements and poses are measured in repetitions and in time performed.
  • Accelerations, bumps, angle changes, rotations are measured in repetitions and doses.
  • Alarms and messages are sent via Zentnl web portal, SMS, messaging service or other integrated decision support systems (DSS).
  • In case of alarm events, supervisors record measures for emergency follow-up and traceability.
  • Statistical patterns and events that may cause future hazardous situations are available to management.
  • The analysis function can also, if necessary, digitally “re-play” a certain event that the management wishes to analyze.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports for management teams are automatically generated.
  • Customizable mobile application for direct feedback to occupational health care as a preventive measure.


Subscriptions of Zentnl Navigator include:

  • Zentnl Torso undershirt with integrated sensors
  • Customizable AI-based analytics in Zentnl cloud service
  • Access to Zentnl Online application
  • Mobile feedback application for individuals.



  • Education with materials in consultation with the company’s IT department adaptations and integrations.
  • Increased number of garments per individual for rotation during washing.
  • Modifications of garments.
  • Research and development adaptations.
  • Extensions and changes to AI models for specific purposes.


Enhanced features

In consultation with you, our specialists can extend the functionality of Zentnl Navigator with:

  • Ergonomic studies: specific measurements of angles, motion frequencies, rotations, upper body tilt.
  • Detection: distance measurement between individuals and, among other things, driverless vehicles, heavy machinery.
  • External environmental variables: measurement of, for example, harmful gases, magnetic fields, radiation, sound
  • Biometric analysis: heart rate, temperature etc


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