• Device

    Zentnl Torso
  • Functions

    Mandown, shockdetection
  • Sensors

  • Central Unit

    Wifi, Roaming
  • Battery

  • Operating time

    14 hours

Zentnl Guard – an intelligent service that enhances the safety of lone workers in demanding work environments

  • Supervises throughout workshifts
  • Strengthens Personal Protection Equipment
  • Minimizes the occurrence of false alarms
  • Improves management’s overview


Overview of Zentnl Guard


  • During the shift, the sensor-equipped underwear shirt measures movements, accelerations and shocks in levels
  • The measurement data is recorded by Zentnl cloud service
  • In the event of a fall, an unnatural acceleration or sudden illness that leads to the individual becoming immobile, the supervisor is alerted immediately
  • Alarms are made via Zentnl web portal, SMS, messaging service or other integrated decision support systems (DSS)
  • In case of alarm events, supervisors record measures for emergency follow-up and traceability
  • Statistical patterns and events that may cause future hazardous situations are available to management
  • The analysis function can also, if necessary, digitally “re-play” a certain event that the management wishes to analyze
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports for management teams are automatically generated


Subscriptions by Zentnl include 


  • Underwear shirt, Zentnl Torso, with integrated sensors
  • Customizable AI-based analytics in Zentnl cloud service
  • Access to Zentnl Online application