• Device

    Zentnl Torso
  • Functions

    Ergonomic Studies
  • Features

    Mandown, shockdetection
  • Sensors

  • Central Unit

    Wifi, Roaming
  • Battery

  • Operating time

    14 hours

About the possibility of using IoT and AI to improve the working environment for operators


Hitachi Energy is a world leader in the development and manufacture of systems and equipment for the transmission and distribution of electric power. Hitachi Energy sees an opportunity to improve the working environment for its employees by applying, for its field, new knowledge and new technologies. A first market analysis of large industries in Sweden, technology suppliers and research actors shows that the complete solutions that the project focuses on do not yet exist. This has led to a collaboration with Wavr Tech on the Zentnl platform.


The collaboration takes place primarily in Ludvika where Hitachi Energys center for “High Voltage Direct Current” is located as well as in one of the company’s largest facilities for transformers and high voltage components. Hitachi Energy represents the process industry in the project and contributes with knowledge of the industry’s needs and challenges. Hitachi Energy will act as a client, contribute with user groups and interviews,  as well as provide opportunities for observational studies of operational activities. Hitachi Energy also becomes the end user of the solution which will be developed.


In the process industry there are risky work tasks such as work in confined spaces, work at heights, work alone, work with chemical products, work in spaces with harmful gases, work with and inside dangerous machines as well as heavy lifting.


For these reasons, the project’s idea is to explore the possibility of using smart, close-to-body technology to increase safety and improve health aspects for employees in the process industry.


Francisco Penayo, Manager R&D Bushings, Hitachi Energy


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