• Device

    Zentnl Torso
  • Features

    Mandown, shockdetection
  • Sensors

  • Central Unit

    Wifi, Roaming
  • Battery

  • Operating time

    14 hours

Boliden tests how sensor-based garments connected to an AI can increase real-time safety and reduce risk of injury in the longer term.

Boliden is a high-tech metal company with its own mines and smelters that works long-term to ensure society’s access to base and precious metals – from mining ore (minerals) to the production and delivery of high-quality metal to industry.


Production capacity is high and is based on over 90 years of experience, innovation and advanced technology. Today, approximately 5,800 people work at Boliden and operations are conducted in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Ireland. In its smelters, Boliden refines the mineral concentrates from its own and others’ mines into pure metals. It is also the market leader in electronics recycling and the recycling of lead from car batteries.


In the mining industry there are risks and stressful tasks such as handling large material flows, high temperatures and sometimes also hazardous substances. For Boliden, working to create a safe and healthy workplace is a top priority and the Group has a zero vision for accidents at work. To achieve this, they work to promote a common security culture that permeates the entire Group. This strategy means that each individual, group and leader jointly takes responsibility for following current safety practices and exhibits a good risk awareness.


Boliden’s safety culture and performance are crucial for a stable business and profitability. High safety is attractive to both the workforce and investors. But Boliden wants to expand its safety work and take it to the next level with technology that has not been available before. This is where Zentnl comes in.


“If there are new technologies that can increase the safety and health of our employees, we naturally want to be involved in developing them in order to continue to be at the forefront of our safety work” Annika Kruuna, Manager Health & Safety, Boliden Mines


Annika Kruuna, Head of Occupational Safety and Health