• Device

    Zentnl Torso, Zentnl Wrist
  • Functions

    Ergonomic Studies
  • Features

    Mandown, shockdetection
  • Access

    Databases, Datastream
  • Sensors

    2-5 or configurable.
  • Central Unit

    Wifi, Roaming, 5G, BT4
  • Battery


Zentnl Explore – an intelligent service with access to the data and the ability to create its own functions

  • Creates a composite basis for how the working environment affects people
  • Customizable analysis of harmful patterns using AI and ML
  • Strengthens “Personal Protection Equipment”
  • Creates long-term conditions to reduce physical wear and tear on employees
  • Improves management’s overview
  • Supervises throughout workshifts
  • Minimizes the occurrence of false alarms
  • Access to databases and data streams for proprietary functions



Zentnl delivers decision-making documents that improve the working environment without infringing privacy. The activity information on which the analyses are based is depersonalized. Data is stored in Microsoft Azure in the EU and is protected and owned by Wavr Tech AB. The analyzed dossier does not contain information that may serve as a basis for behavioral analysis for purposes other than improving health and work protection.

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