Why Zentnl

Predict what could happen before it happens.

The first step towards a safer and healthier work environment is better and reliable information. Zentnl simplifies and automates the methods of data collection and presents knowledge in a simple and useful way, which contributes to improving the work environment for humans in terms of personal safety during lone working, ergonomics, and vibration exposure.

Simpler, faster risk assessments for occupational health and safety professionals.

Zentnl complements regular occupational health and safety work and integrates into existing workplace processes without disruption or requiring time-consuming changes and training. Zentnl enhances the ability to identify appropriate measures for risk mitigation and to prevent incidents before they occur.

Risk assessments with higher precision

Continuously collected easily accessible information in real-time and over time provides an accurate picture of employees’ exposure levels in the work environment. Zentnl follows the directives of the Swedish Work Environment Authority and designated ISO standards.

“Cost-effective and less resource-intensive risk assessments”

Work environment managers can ‘order reports’ from Zentnl regarding dose levels for a specific task.
Reliable trend information increases the frequency of risk assessments, and if necessary, one can identify burdensome tasks without significant effort.

Sharper decision support

Objective data provides a better decision-making foundation for identifying which measures to take in order to minimize risks in a specific work process as an example.

Easier to follow up on risk-reducing measures.

By enabling quick and effective follow-up on risk-reducing measures, one can identify the most effective actions and focus ongoing improvement efforts on them.

Create downward risk trends.

Reliable data and increased knowledge create downward trends in processes where exposure levels often exceed limits. This reduces the risk of injuries and illnesses in the long run, decreases sick leave, and increases productivity in the workplace.

Take control of your health as an employee.

By being aware of how the work environment affects your health, you can contribute early on to identifying risk-reducing measures, thus reducing the risk of work-related illnesses and injuries.

Control your health with a personal trend profile

Having control over your health with a personal trend profile means being able to monitor and observe how the work environment impacts your health over time. Zentnl’s smart shirt continuously collects and analyzes your ergonomic exposure data, which is presented in the Zentnl mobile app.

Awareness of exceeded action and limit values

The information collected by Zentnl should primarily be seen as guidance. One red day per month does not signify everything, but trends with many yellow and/or red days indicate that something in the work environment is influential. It becomes evident that there are risk factors that need to be identified and minimized.

Safe lone work with automatic alarm function

In the event of an incident, such as a fall resulting in immobility or if you were to become ill and immobile, Zentnl detects it through your smart shirt and triggers an automatic alarm. The alarm is sent via the mobile app to your teammates and to the Zentnl Portal, where operators in a control center can see the alarm and provide prompt assistance.

Increased knowledge of risk factors

Through your personal trend profile, you can gain a better understanding of how and when different risk factors in your work environment affect your health.


Limiting repetitive strain injuries – taking action in time

Having control over your health can also help detect any health issues at an early stage and address them before they become serious. It can also contribute to increased awareness of health and well-being and provide motivation to contact supervisors or occupational health services.

Value over time for both employees and employers

Investments in improving the work environment can have significant value over time for both employees and employers. Here are some examples of the benefits that can be achieved with Zentnl:
Reduced absence:
An improved work environment can lead to reduced absenteeism among employees. By reducing absence, companies can lower costs associated with employee turnover and lost productivity.
Increased productivity:
A healthy and safe work environment can increase engagement and motivation, which, in turn, can boost workplace productivity.
Improved health:
A healthier work environment can contribute to improved physical and mental health for employees. This can result in reduced healthcare costs and increased quality of life for employees.
Enhanced reputation:
By investing in improving the work environment, it demonstrates that the employer cares about the health and well-being of employees. This can enhance the company’s attractiveness and reputation.
Better compliance with laws and regulations:
An improved work environment can also facilitate easier compliance with occupational health and safety laws and regulations.