E.ON and WAVR initiate a pilot project focused on safety and ergonomic improvements.

WAVR will carry out a pilot project in collaboration with the energy company E.ON. A selected number of district heating technicians and solar panel installers within E.ON’s organization in southern Sweden will be equipped with the health and safety service Zentnl.

Zentnl will monitor and analyze the field workers’ workload, movement patterns, and ergonomic positions. The results of this analysis will be used to identify potential risk factors, optimize work processes, and recommend measures to reduce risks and improve safety and ergonomics.

We are curious about the possibilities that Zentnl offers and therefore want to evaluate the service to see how we can proactively identify and manage risk factors in the workplace. Minimizing work injuries and occupational diseases is crucial, especially for our employees in professions with high physical demands, such as district heating technicians and solar panel installers”, says Per Elfvin, HSE Coordinator at E.ON Sweden.

E.ON, well known for its commitment to the work environment and well-being of its staff, has chosen to collaborate with WAVR. By implementing WAVR’s solutions, E.ON expects to raise safety levels and improve working conditions for installers and technicians in the field. The pilot project will take place during the autumn and winter of 2024.

If the pilot project yields positive results, it could pave the way for a broader implementation of Zentnl within E.ON and potentially other energy companies”, says Jan Björkholm, CEO of WAVR International AB.

In a simple and user-friendly way, Zentnl presents knowledge that contributes to improving the work environment for the individual concerning safety in solo work and ergonomics.

E.ON in Sweden is part of the international energy conglomerate E.ON SE, headquartered in Essen, Germany. The Nordic headquarters is located in Malmö, and around 2,100 dedicated employees work throughout Sweden to deliver electricity, heat, and smart energy solutions to just over a million households and businesses. www.eon.se

ABOUT WAVR International AB:
WAVR is a Swedish innovation company whose mission is to provide its customers with digitized knowledge of human movements for improved health and safety in demanding work environments. One of our services is the Zentnl service. www.wavr.com

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