Zentnl complies with GDPR and privacy legislation

Zentnl’s monthly reporting and anonymized approach enable the supervisor to have an overview of the group’s exposure levels and take necessary actions to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

In Boliden’s Kankberg mine, the supervisor of the diamond drillers, Andro Grahn, receives a monthly exposure report compiled by Zentnl for the entire diamond drilling team. The monthly report is anonymized to comply with the GDPR regulation applicable in all EU countries.

The report serves as a valuable tool to monitor and analyze the cumulative exposure values of the diamond drillers. By reviewing the report, the supervisor can identify if there are high exposure levels within the group, particularly regarding ergonomics. The report presents these values using a color-coded system, where yellow and red markers indicate that threshold limits have been exceeded. When the report indicates high exposure levels, it is important to pay attention to this and take measures to protect the diamond drillers.

During the recurring weekly meeting, known as the “Tuesday Hour,” the supervisor addresses issues related to exposure levels, potential risk factors, and any possible risk-mitigating measures with the team. It is entirely voluntary for individual diamond drillers to share their personal exposure values in the mining mobile device.