A pilot project with E.ON will commence in autumn 2023.

Wavr Tech is set to carry out a pilot project in collaboration with energy company E.ON, aimed at improving safety and ergonomics for their installers, among others. The pilot project entails Wavr Tech implementing its protective and ergonomic solution, Zentnl, on a selected number of installers within E.ON’s organization. With Zentnl, Wavr Tech will monitor and analyze their workload, movement patterns, and ergonomic positions.

The results from this analysis will be used, in consultation, to identify any potential risk factors, optimize work processes, and recommend risk-mitigating measures to improve safety and ergonomics.

E.ON, well-known for its commitment to occupational health and employee well-being, has chosen to collaborate with Wavr Tech, and by introducing Wavr Tech’s solutions, E.ON hopes to enhance the level of safety and improve working conditions for field installers.

The pilot project is expected to run for a period of three months. If the pilot project shows positive results, it could pave the way for broader implementation of Wavr Tech’s technology within E.ON and other energy companies.