Luleå University of Technology has selected Zentnl for their motion research.

Wavr Tech AB is proud to have recently received a purchase order from Luleå University of Technology (LTU) for the Zentnl® technology.

LTU is Sweden’s center for developing new methods and technologies to enhance performance in cross-country skiing for both elite athletes and enthusiasts. The Swedish Sports Confederation has designated Luleå University of Technology as an elite sports-friendly university since August 2020. LTU and the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOC) are initiating a collaboration in technical research for performance development in sports.

The order from Wavr Tech AB aims to provide the tools needed to create precise and reliable performance data to enhance and optimize the movements of elite skiers in the field. LTU and Wavr are in the early stages of their collaboration, and their ultimate goal is to surpass the Norwegians and win more gold medals in upcoming Olympic Games.

Wavr Tech has invested significant time and effort in the core technology to be able to record and wirelessly transmit the type of information requested by LTU. This includes information and data that LTU previously did not have access to outside of a laboratory environment. Discussions are underway regarding future versions of the garment, including leggings with sensors and even capturing the movements of the poles.

The collaboration with LTU is highly valuable for Wavr as the Zentnl® technology has already proven its effectiveness in one of the most demanding industries, mining, and with this project, Wavr will now explore Zentnl® for elite sports as well.