The Zentnl shirt is now available in three different versions for various work environments and professional roles.

The Zentnl shirt is now available in three different versions to meet various needs in the work environment. The garments are designed with a focus on meeting multiple ISO certifications to guarantee safety and functionality for different professional roles.

Zentnl Torso with high-visibility color and reflective features is designed according to ISO 20471. This standard ensures that high-visibility workwear makes the wearer clearly visible in different work environments and lighting conditions, contributing to increased safety.

Zentnl has also been complemented with a model following ISO 14116. This standard applies to protective clothing that can be used in situations where there is a risk of short-term and limited exposure to heat and flame propagation. This can include workwear for industrial environments, chemical industry, electrical work, and similar applications.

In addition to these specialized versions, the previously available neutral gray version of Zentnl Torso is offered in a sport material that provides both comfort and functionality.

With the expansion of the shirt lineup to three different versions of the Zentnl shirt, Wavr can now offer workwear that can meet the needs of more types of work environments and multiple professional roles. By adhering to ISO certifications, Wavr Tech ensures that operators, miners, electricians, or field technicians can perform their work safely, efficiently, and comfortably.