The Zentnl Man Down alarm is in operation with the diamond drillers at Kankbergsgruvan, Boliden.

In case of an accident or sudden illness, Zentnl monitors and automatically sends alerts to other team members or supervisors to quickly manage the emergency situation. It is user-friendly and reacts promptly!

The diamond drilling team now utilizes Zentnl’s Man Down alarm feature. Each alarm group consists of 2-3 diamond drillers who are interconnected through the Zentnl system and communicate using the Zentnl mobile app on their mining phones. One task ahead for Wavr is to fine-tune algorithms for alarm types in consultation with the diamond drillers, including sitting still for an extended period, falls, and when a person lies down and remains motionless.

“One feature that the shirt also has, and that we appreciate a lot, especially for those who work alone, is the ability to detect ‘man down.’ This has been a challenge for us in the past, as individuals may have put down their radios or fallen down in a way that renders them unconscious.” – Andro Grahn, Supervisor