Wavr Tech AB included in Ny Teknik’s prestigious “33 list”.

On Wednesday, November 10th, Ny Teknik welcomed the 33 most innovative and promising technology startups of 2022. One of these companies was the innovation company behind Zentnl, Wavr Tech.

“It’s incredibly honorable to be part of the selected group of impressive companies that made it to the list this year! I am honored and delighted that Wavr Tech AB is recognized in this way, and it makes me and my team very proud. A big thank you!” says Patrik Zayas, CEO of Wavr Tech.

Investors, tech entrepreneurs, and startup profiles were also invited to the event called 33-listan Live at Epicenter Stockholm. In addition to the 33 companies, participants such as Pär Hedberg, Ronja Koepke, Staffan Gestrelius, and others engaged in discussions about the state of the Swedish startup scene, entrepreneurial journeys, and the future for Swedish startups in a time characterized by uncertainty and economic instability. The event was sponsored by Teknikföretagen and Inission.