Zentnl deployed in production at Boliden’s mine in Kankberg

In collaboration with the Swedish mining company Boliden, Wavr Tech has completed its first installation of Zentnl. The service has been in operation at Boliden’s mine in Kankberg since September, and is now being evaluated as a future tool for increasing the safety of miners and other personnel in mining operations.

“We’re continuously striving to improve our employees’ work environment,” says Henrik Åslund, HSE manager at Boliden Kankberg. “So far, we’ve equipped two teams with Zentnl and we see tremendous potential for the technology. It’s initially about increasing the safety of staff who work alone, and in the long run also about better understanding the long-term effects of different movement patterns and physical stress.”

Wavr Tech’s strategic collaboration with Boliden began in 2019 and is now reaching an important milestone in conjunction with the installation in the Kankberg mine. In the first phase, a limited number of subscriptions will be activated, followed by planned expansion during the first half of 2022. Discussions are also underway about including Zentnl as standard in the personal protective equipment within Boliden’s organization.

“Boliden is a global leader in sustainability and preventive safety, and thus a very valuable partner in our development of Zentnl,” says Patrik Zayas, CEO at Wavr Tech. “We’re looking forward to the continued development of our collaboration and to contributing to further improving the work environment in Boliden’s facilities and operations, both in Sweden and abroad.”

Boliden has over 6,000 employees in seven countries and annual sales of SEK 50 billion. Operations include exploration, mining, smelting, refining and the recycling of metals – the latter is an area where the company is considered a global leader. Concrete needs analyses and workshops are now being carried out at several of Boliden’s mines to further enhance Zentnl’s technology and prepare for more users.

“I’m convinced that the installation in Kankberg will provide invaluable insights into work environment management, both for us and for Boliden,” says Patrik Zayas. “It’s also an important step in our continued development of Zentnl’s functionality and launch in the global market for the mining industry and other branches.”

Zentnl is a subscription-based service for motion measurement in demanding work environments. The service consists of custom wearables – workwear with integrated motion sensors and WiFi capability – combined with powerful analysis capacity and a clear and easy-to-use app. The sensors record users’ movements, and the collected data is analyzed in real time with the support of AI. Zentnl is used to increase safety for those working alone, as well as to strengthen long-term work environment management.

For additional information, please contact:

Patrik Zayas, CEO, Wavr Tech
+46 708 153 530