A Partner to AI Sweden

AI Sweden welcomes Wavr Tech to join them as a partner. 

Zentnl is a technology were Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a central role and very applicable value. Zentnl is a platform for collecting, analysing and understanding human motion and directly apply that knowledge in practical applications such as the improvement of health and safety. That the company behind Zentnl has been recognized by the Swedish National Center for applied Artificial Intelligence by being invited to be a partner is something that makes us very excited. 

Zentnl - Safety as a Service

To accelerate the use of AI we need a strong eco system of startups. It is incredibly rewarding to drive this development together, give our partners a strong platform and visibility and create value for the whole of Sweden!” – Katarina FégeantStartup Program Manager, AI Sweden 

AI Sweden is supported by the Swedish government and the public and private sectors across the country. Their mission is to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of everyone living in Sweden. To be their partner together with many other distinguished names like Google, HP and Sony will mean many good things for Zentnl. Like new channels for gaining and sharing knowledge. We look forward to participating in their networks and at their events. 

“The partnership with AI Sweden extends our ability to improve the health and safety of workers in demanding work environments, like mining and heavy industries, with technologies like Zentnl.” – Patrik Zayas, CEO, Wavr Tech 

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