First official order of Zentnl

We have now received our first official order of Zentnl from Boliden. We have previously written that our “Pilot Project with Boliden starts this autumn”. But now, as I said, we have received the order. It feels big! We are both proud and happy. The atmosphere is lovely in the office and we are fully focused on finishing the garments that will go live in Kankberg’s mining operations.

“We are grateful and excited! Our cooperation with Boliden will give us the opportunity to try our product Zentnl live and at the same time give Boliden the opportunity to get measurement data in ways they have never been able to get before. Exciting and rewarding!”

Patrik Zayas, CEO

This is a big step for us as a company and for the product Zentnl – for better public health. Firstly, Boliden is a company with tremendous experience in the protection and safety of staff in physical work and challenging environments, but at the same time it’s also a company that understands that this is a pilot project. Together we will take this product from its current stage of development to something that creates a lot of value for Boliden’s operations and employees.

“Change the way you move”


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