Take control of your work environment

The first step towards a safer and healthier work environment is reliable information about its risk factors.

Zentnl presents knowledge in a simple and useful way that contributes to improving the work environment for people.

Challenges in the work environment

Wear and tear injuries
Unsafe lone work
     Difficult to monitor
     one’s own health
Long-term sick leave
Resource-demanding to follow workplace safety laws and directives
It takes time to observe the impact of risk reduction actions

User-friendly tool

Motion data is recorded with the Zentnl shirt. Data is streamed via Wi-Fi or LTE to cloud service
The raw data is analyzed using algorithms and filtered through ISO standards

Statistics with daily exposure doses are presented in Zentnl’s apps

For HSE, safety workers, work environments engineers, ergonomists

Easier, faster risk assessments with Zentnl

Daily risk assessments with higher precision
Clarifies exposure risks – ergonomics, vibrations
Reliable information in real time
More efficient follow-up of risk-minimizing measures

For those working in demanding work environments such as operators, miners, field technicians

Gain better insight into your health condition

Take control of your health with a personal trend profile
Gain awareness of exceeded performance and threshold values
Safe lone work with automatic alarm function
Increased knowledge about risk factors
Limit wear and tear injuries – address them in time

All in one - no loose sensors - charge the shirt, put it on and go

Available in three different versions, tailored to various professional roles and work environments

“If there is new technology that can enhance the safety and well-being of our employees, we certainly want to be involved in developing it to stay at the forefront of our safety efforts”

Annika Kruuna, Manager Health & Safety, Boliden Mines

“Zentnl has the potential to be the answer to our vision of revolutionizing ergonomic studies and regulatory compliance monitoring. With its state-of-the-art platform and advanced features, we are confident that this technology will enable us to gain unparalleled insights that will benefit individuals and society as a whole.”

Henrik Enquist, Tekn.Dr. Civilingenjör, Arbets- & Miljömedicin Syd

Zentnl is delivered as a complete subscription-based package

AI-based platform - hardware - software - apps - role-specific training - operational responsibility 24/7

Zentnl Shirt

Zentnl Mobile App

Zentnl Portal App

Role-specific training

About Us

Zentnl is developed by WAVR International AB a Swedish innovation company with a mission to provide its customers with digitized knowledge for improved health and safety in both work and everyday life.
WAVR develops its technologies in close collaboration with workplace coordinators, safety workers, occupational health engineers, ergonomists, safety representatives, and researchers in occupational medicine.
To learn more about WAVR please visit wavr.com

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